Monday, May 10, 2010

Woman Hoards 108 Cats

Cat Hoarding: Chairman Meow recently learn of woman in San Jose who hoarded 108 cats in trailer park. All 108 cats have to be taken to local animal shelter, and only 30 friendly and healthy enough to adopt.

So sad that kittehs treated this way, and held as political prisoners by mad woman. In actuality though, cat hoarding is mental disorder, (similar to obsessive compulsive disorder, with attachment and delusional components) and not result of intending to harm kittehs.

Chairman Meow wish to educate others on sickness of "cat hoarding."

What is Cat Hoarding? Considered a form of animal cruelty, cat hoarding defined as "pathological human behavior that involves a compulsive need to obtain and control animals, coupled with a failure to recognize their suffering." Hoarders often believe that they are helping cats and protecting them, and that others will hurt the cats.

This "love" for cats causes living conditions to quickly deteriorate as number of cats rises. (This sound like same way that former American President Dick Cheney's love for Iraqis cause him to hoard them at Guantanamo Bay. People say he order waterboarding, but Chairman Meow think that maybe he just trying to bath them and keep them clean?)

Here is more information about cat hoarding:

Video of Siberian Cat hoarder:

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InnerNinja said...

good lord!
that video looks like a swarm of piranhas - a perfect breeding ground for feline terror!