Thursday, June 5, 2008

Revolution Spreads to Both Coasts

Today is a most glorious day for the feline revolution. Photos received this morning confirm that Chairman Meow's benevolent influence now extends from the East Coast to the West Coast of America.

A loyalist wrote via email:
Oh Great Chairman Meow!

Attached are some pictures of the propaganda stickers enlightening others of the feline revolution. The first is on an urban walking trail in Long Beach, CA... The second and third are showing up on a newspaper rack trying to push it's own type of propaganda in front of Starbuck's.

Urban Walking Trail near Ximeno Avenue and 4th St., Long Beach, California

Outside a Long Beach, California Starbucks.

Great Leader Chairman Meow is most pleased with the citizens of Long Beach, some of the most diverse in the world.

Advisors to Great Leader have also learned that Long Beach maintains an "Off-Leash Dog Zone." This 3 acre area is the only legal "off-leash area" on the beach for dogs in all of Los Angeles County.

Chairman Meow applauds the citizens of Long Beach, California for their wise policies of dog containment, and strongly warns city officials against expanding this 3 acre refugee site.

Great Leader also announces that $3, or 20.85 Chinese Yuan, have now been raised by your noble propaganda campaign.

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