Thursday, July 31, 2008

St. Louis, Missouri - A Rally Beneath the Gateway Arch?

Could it be?  A large scale rally forming in St. Louis to benefit the downtrodden, yet ascendent kittehs?  Chairman Meow's advisors are most pleased to share this uplifting message of hope, received via electronic mail earlier today:
Loyalists in St. Louis, Missouri are deeply grateful for the brave commitment the Great Leader has for the well-being of the common workingman. As such, it has been decided that a likeness of the Great Leader should adorn the vehicle used to transport one such loyal worker to and from his honest toils--of which most of the proceeds go toward mass quantities of catnip for the workingman's feline mentor. Decadent capitalists and corrupt politicos will surely tremble at the sight of so powerful a visage as the Great Leader, proudly displayed on the workingman's vehicle.

Working Man's Bumper, St. Louis, MO

The glorious email further states:
The humble citizens of St. Louis are honored to become one with the movement. Plans are being finalized for a rally beneath the Gateway Arch to commemorate this defining moment in St. Louis history. All Hail Chairman Meow!

"If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat."
Mark Twain, 1894

Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO

Chairman Meow was moved to tears by this testament to the working man, and his noble support of the tenets of Feline Revolution, which include loyalty, sweat, and an honest day's work.  The tenets of the revolution may also include hunting plump American house mice that taste like fried chicken on the 4th of July.

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