Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hawaiian Popoki

News of the Feline (or popoki in Hawaiian) Revolution has spread to the Islands of Hawaii.

Unlike the colonial European powers which "discovered" and brought violence to the chain of volcanic islands in the 1700's, Great Leader Meow brings beneficent teachings and learnings.

Meow advocates meditation, surfing, and avoiding the "authentic Hawaiian Luau" which may be geared more towards the tourist.

From Wikipedia:
The 1778 arrival of British explorer James Cook is usually taken to be Hawaii’s first contact with European explorers. Cook named the islands the Sandwich Islands in honor of one of his sponsors, the Earl of Sandwich...

Cook visited the Hawaiian islands twice. During his second visit in 1779 he attempted to abduct a Hawaiian chief and hold him as ransom for return of a ship’s boat that was stolen by a different minor chief; the chief’s supporters fought back, and Cook was killed.

Great Leader Chairman Meow does not desire material wealth or the exploitation of local indigenous populations. Instead, he lives to elevate the feline world and transcend all boundaries of race, religion, and choice of edible grasses.

Great Leader would also like to congratulate Norskatt Kirkenstorr, named THE BEST CAT by the Hawaiian Cat Fancier's Association for 2007-8.

Norskatt is obviously a fine specimen, but what is he trying to say to us in this picture?

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