Monday, November 24, 2008

N.C. Persian Cat Named World's Best

RALEIGH N.C. - The Raleigh area has produced a lot of celebrities. There are the Sedaris siblings. Clay Aiken. Josh Hamilton. And now Kuorii "Santos" of Cuzzoe. Santos, a 1-year-old, black Persian, is the best cat in the world, according to the Cat Fanciers' Association. The Raleigh resident won "Best in Show" this past weekend at the the association's International Cat Show in Atlanta.

He beat out 729 of the "world's finest pedigreed felines. Honors in the cat world are nothing new for Santos. Of the 40 shows in which he has participated, he was named "Best in Show" 39 times. The one show he didn't win had a rookie judge. But that's another story.

When Santos is not traveling the world for shows, he lives the celebrity life in his North Raleigh home near Triangle Town Center with owners Brandon Moore, 22, and Justin Pelletier, 30. He sleeps in his own room on hand-made, navy blue, silk pillows.

Twice a day, he dines on special meat made especially for cats, which his owners feed to him by hand. He also has a catnip habit. He takes four baths a week in his own tub with a mix of Joico and Aveda shampoos that cost $60 a bottle. full story

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It all sounded great until I got to the bath part. BTW, please remind your beans that my book, The World is Your Litter Box, makes a great holiday gift. It’s only 9.95 green papers and is available at Barnes & Noble and