Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bush's Cat "India" Dies; Pakistan a Suspect

Indians mourn the loss of India the cat

Just Days after terror struck Mumbai India, terror also struck "India" the Whitehouse cat.
The Bushes' cat, an 18-year-old American shorthair named India, died Sunday under what the FBI is calling "suspicious" circumstances.

Upon hearing the news, confused Pakistani militants briefly stopped chanting, "Death to India!"
before quickly resuming when the news was clarified.

President Bush was initially saddened and angered by the news, promising to "smoke out" whoever was responsible. But after mulling the news over, he soon exclaimed with relief, "Well, at least she has 8 more lives."

more: Bush family cat India, 18, dies

1/06/08 - I couldn't make this up. Saw this AP story after posting the news above:

Islamic militants ridicule death of Bush cat
AP 1/06/08

Islamic militants posted sarcastic comments on an extremist Web site Tuesday ridiculing a recent announcement by First Lady Laura Bush that the family's cat had died.

The online comments were unusual on the site that usually focuses on official statements by al-Qaida and other militants. Commentators, who must be registered members of the site, frequently post their opinions, but normally the topics are humorless.

But on Tuesday, one commentator, called Dark-Side, sarcastically urged followers to offer condolences for the cat... read more

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