Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chairman Meow Attends Inauguration

The movements of Great Leader are often top secret, especially when they involve other world leaders. We are pleased to declassify this photograph from the Metro system in Washington, D.C., taken on 2/19/09, the historic Inauguration day of Barack Obama. 

The US Government invited Chairman Meow to give the Oath of Office to President Obama, but Great Leader humbly allowed Justice Roberts to keep with tradition. Chairman Meow cringed as he listened to Roberts and Obama flub the sacred oath, and for a second wondered if he should declare feline martial law across the world.

Fortunately, Great Leader showed blessed mercy that day, and allowed the human leaders another chance. Chairman Meow has guarded hopes for the Obama presidency, and asks for your help in determining how to proceed with the economic stimulus package. Chairman Meow will share your thoughts with President Obama during his 3 hour daily meetings with him.

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