Friday, February 13, 2009

A Simply Terrible Cat Website

I was surfing around the internet, and found this garbage "cat" website, You wonder who creates websites like this? (see acid-trip stock photo collage above)

The site was listed as "for sale," for $70 so i guess it was made quickly by someone in another country in the hopes that a dumb American would see it as a potential internet advertising goldmine.

The best part is probably the statement on the homepage, "Everyone is aware of the popular statement cats have six lives?"
This followed on the next page with the informative statement, "After the pregnant mother cat delivers her little critter that is initially deaf, blind, toothless. Initially the baby kitten enjoys the company of its mother only and likes to feel her warmth and to suck away its nutritious milk all day long."

Keep in mind, each paragraph on the site is separated by several intrusive google ads for companies such as Telelogic, the self-proclaimed "Global Leader In Lifecycle Management Solutions." - Ads like this are obviously targeted to the many visitors to the site who, mid-way through reading the rivoting description of what a "cat" is, decide to click away from the site to get some lifecycle management solutions.

(Actually, the cat in the middle of the stock photo montage above became increasingly frightening to me the longer i stayed on the site. If i had taken some nighttime cold medicine, i think it would have started talking to me.)

My mind was blown further down on the same page with the revelation that, "Each day is meant to be a day of achieving for them, at age six they have their teeth fully grown and at the age of seven their legs are firm along with their body and reflexes."

Wow... I still need to wrap my head around all of this new knowledge.

*2/13/09 - Upon learning of the website, Great Leader Chairman Meow's Ministry of Information has labeled the site "unpatriotic." Access to the site has reportedly been blocked from within mainland China, and the site owner has recently been reported "missing."

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InnerNinja said...

Oh my lord that is terrible. It really is frightening in a Chuckie Doll kind of way!