Monday, June 22, 2009

Chairman Meow in New Zealand

chairman meow car stickerChairman Meow on Daphne's car in Aro Valley, in Wellington, New Zealand

girt-eAlso from Daphne, came a photo of her "GIRT-E" who reportedly helps her out with the gardening. (GIRT-E stands for “Gardening Interactive Robotic Tasking Entity)

After reviewing the photo, it is clear that an army of GIRT-E's would be a valuable asset to Chairman Meow, and to the Glorious Kitty Revolution. It is not clear what GIRT-E specifically does, but I imagine that merely seeing several hundred militant, yet feminine, robots like GIRT-E rolling down the street would be enough to inspire "shock & awe."

The GIRT-E robots would be greeted as liberators in the streets of America... Benevolent leader Chairman Meow would then, of course, have to consider a post-occupation plan, but all in due time... OT: obeythepurebreed on

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