Friday, August 28, 2009

Film History Lesson from Chairman Meow

godfather catThe Godfather: The cat held in the opening scene of the Godfather was actually a stray that Marlon Brando found on the Paramount movie lot during filming. He added the cat himself, believing that it would help show the Godfather's soft side. (he often stroke's the cat while giving violent instructions to his underlings)

There was no cat in the actual script, and conspiracy theories suggest that, wishing to be famous, the cat manipulated the actor into featuring it in the movie. In fact, the cat purred so loudly during filming that it overpowered some of Brando's lines, which later had to be edited and looped.

Marlon Brando himself was known to live a life of cat-servitude, obeying his cat's every command. Members of the feline Revolution believe that, like many other cats "owned" by world leaders, the cat in the Godfather represented the real power of the Corleone family.

marlon brando cat

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