Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chairman Meow on Wiener Mobile

weiner mobileWhile in Santa Fe New Mexico, the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile became a canvas for Chairman Meow propaganda. After stopping briefly downtown for lunch, the driver reportedly forgot where he parked the vehicle, asking several locals, "have you seen my wiener?"

After being detained briefly by police for questioning, he soon found his vehicle, and drove away, promoting tasty hot dogs and the Feline Revolution.


InnerNinja said...

A most inspiring blow to the corporate facade of the weiner mobile. Thank you to Great Leader for exposing the violent and cynical process that grinds pigs into tubular structures that fit into our pie holes, trumpeted and advertised by sausage mobiles.

That being said, I could go for a turkey dog with sauerkraut, mmmmm....

the cautionary tale said...

dude, chairman meow AND the weinermobile?It can't get any more awesome. unless it was the space shuttle.