Monday, February 8, 2010

Karaoke Killings in Philippines Condemned By Chairman Meow

karaoke killings2/08/10 - In response to the recent increase in the number of killings in Philippine karaoke bars, Benevolent Leader Chairman Meow has a statement condemning the (usually) senseless killings. The following has been translated from Wise Leader Meow:

Chairman Meow reminds us of ancient Zen Proverb: "Student says " I am very discouraged. What should I do?" Master says, "encourage others."

Although this proverb does not specifically mention that the act of murdering someone in a karaoke bar is wrong, Great Leader Meow believe that such wisdom is implied, even if singer very bad.

In the meantime, followers of Great Leader Meow have been asked to use discretion when choosing songs to perform in karaoke bars located within notoriously violent areas of the Philippines. According to authorities, performers have the highest chance of being stabbed while singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way." The following is from Sunday's NY Times:

"The authorities do not know exactly how many people have been killed warbling “My Way” in karaoke bars over the years in the Philippines, or how many fatal fights it has fueled. But the news media have recorded at least half a dozen victims in the past decade and includes them in a subcategory of crime dubbed the “My Way Killings”... Reportedly, most of the karaoke “My Way” killings have occurred after the singer sang out of tune, causing other patrons to laugh or jeer. read nytimes article...

The teachings of Chairman Meow

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