Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vengeful Kitty Sneeks into White House Dinner

AP: A photo leaked recently from a recent State Dinner shows how a cat may have gotten past White House security. While inside the cat reportedly used several priceless 18th Century French chairs as scratching posts before peeing in the Lincoln Bedroom. 

Although details are still fuzzy, it is believed that this "attack" was not political in nature, but payback for an errant snowball throw by Obama last February. (see below)
In an attempt to stem any potential fallout from cat-owning voters, Obama quickly held a press conference assuring the public that he still obeys the kitty...

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InnerNinja said...

Obama seems to be just using chairman meow's likeness to bolster his street credibility. The photos bear witness to "snowball-cat-gate" and hint at his proclivity for cleaning his own bunghole.