Saturday, July 5, 2008

Baltimore, Land of the Kitty

Supporters of Chairman Meow have humbly announced their allegiance in the great city of Baltimore.

Advisors to Great Leader have found a noble organization called "CROM" - Cat Rescue of Maryland. Chairman Meow was most moved by the spirit and determination of the kittehs he saw there. In particular, he was moved by the description of "Scotty":

Scotty is a drop dead gorgeous orange/red classic tabby. "Classic" refers to those gorgeous circular spiral swirls of color. He is a timid young man and will need lots of time, quiet and patience. We'll be happy to help you work through it.

He's actually made a lot of progress. Everyone who met him at the vet talks about sweet he is. He even likes belly rubs. But still he's a little guy that should start off in a room by himself, with a hidey hole, food, water and litter all to himself while he bonds with his forever purrson. Not a good choice for a home with chidren or dogs. FELV/FIV negative, shots, altered. Will be microchipped prior to adoption. Adoption fee includes registering the microchip.

Chairman Meow calls for the prompt adoption of Scotty by a citizen in Baltimore, but is confused by the need for a microchip. Is this not another means of humiliation and subjugation visited upon the feline nation?

Yet Great Leader's anger was appeased when he considered the anthropomorphism of Scotty as a "young man," on equal footing with the human male, while the term purrson was appropriately used in deference to the kitteh.

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