Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lone Tree, Iowa is in the House

The Feline Revolution has gained a valuable territory in the American heartland. Loyalists to Great Leader Chairman Meow have announced their fealty in the great land of Iowa, in a small town called "Lone Tree," population 1,151.

Car of a feline loyalist, Lone Tree, Iowa

Advisors to Great Leader have discovered that the mascot for Lone Tree High School Athletics teams is the lion, an evolutionary cousin of the noble cat.

Behold the glory of the Lone Tree Lion:

One advisor was quoted earlier today as stating: "Chairman Meow believe Lone Tree Lion will make bold ally in fight for justice and feline hegemony. Look at such rippling muscle and roaring ferocity! World leaders should shift attention from Iranian menace to groundswell of feline patriotism in the Heartland."

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