Thursday, July 17, 2008

Montreal, Canada

A barrage of images from Montreal, Canada has arrived. The first depicts Noble Leader Chairman Meow on a billboard advertising "Passe Partout."

Great Advisors have learned that Passe Partout was the French Canadian alternative to Sesame Street. From Wikipedia:
Another puppet character which never interacted directly with the children (although they often conversed, largely perhaps in the children's imagination) was Alakazou, an anthropomorphic zebra...
photo of Chairman Meow with Zebra Puppet in Montreal, Canada

Chairman Meow applauds the use of animal puppets in the systematic teachings and indoctrinations of human children.

The next photo shows the counter-cultural phenomenon of the feline revolution spreading to the Fringe Festival. The bold red sticker can be seen placed squarely on the extended middle finger of a hostile artist's finger.

Chairman Meow, You're Number One! Fringe Festival, Montreal, Canada

Finally, Great Leader can be seen near a funked-out hippie van on the streets of Montreal. Advisors speculate that this hippie van may house several smelly kittehs, a stash of marijuana, and a tattered copy of Jack Kerouac's On The Road.

Hippie Van, Montreal, Canada

The following statement was released to the press:

Chairman Meow donate $3 in honor of latest photos to animal rescue efforts, and would like to thank Montrealers for lovings. Alakazou, the zebra puppet, is named "honorary thing," a great blessing from Meow himself.

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