Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Zen of the Kitty

"I have lived with several zen masters, all of them cats" - Ekhart Tolle author of "The Power of Now"

The kitteh is always present in the Now, the ultimate goal of enlightenment.

The kitteh does not think about the past (regret) and does not worry about the future (anxiety) - The kitteh lives completely in the moment. The kitteh does not attach itself to possessions, or play different roles depending who they are with. The kitteh is without ego, and harbors no grudges, insecurity, or negative emotions.

The kitteh posesses natural wisdom, and it is easy for them because they do not have a mind that keeps the past alive unnecessarily and then builds an identity around it.

"Just watching teh kitteh iz meditation" - Chairman Meow

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