Monday, March 16, 2009

Chairman Meow Takes in London

Great Leader Chairman Meow has visited another international destination, this time appearing in the world class city of London, England. After enjoying a tasty meal of fish and chips, Great Leader carried on his tireless campaign of political revolution, appearing on this sign post in front of a stately British building.

Great Leader then visited the world famous British Museum, paying a special visit to the Rosetta Stone, the ancient relic written in Demotic, Greek, and mysterious Egyptian hieroglyphics that led to the cracking of the hieroglyphic code.

Remarkably, the first Egyptian hieroglyphic to ever be successfully read was the word for "Cat." It is formed by three phonetic symbols for the sounds "M", "I", and "W."
M-I-W, or "meow" is then followed by a pictograph of a cat, completing the part-phonetic, part-graphic language of the great Egyptians. Chairman Meow hopes that one day we will replace English with such cat-inspired graphics as the dominant mode of communication for the entire world.

The wise Egyptians also preserved many of their sacred cats. Historians now agree that the reverence shown towards the cat was directly responsible for the ascendancy and domination of the classical Egyptian civilization. New evidence suggests that the decline of the Egyptian Empire can be traced to a careless pharaoh who instead revered the dingo.

The British Museum also displayed this magnificent cat sculpture, found among the precious valuables of a pharaoh's burial tomb.

Perhaps Chairman Meow spent too much time in the British Museum while he traveled in London, but such is the spiritual and intellectual gravitas of Great Leader. His thirst for knowledge is unparalleled in this world or the next, and his quest for justice and righteous revolutionary principles can be traced back to the time of the great cat in Egypt.

After petting Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace, Chairman Meow left London, inspired and craving more Boddington's and Old Speckled Hen Ale.

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