Friday, April 3, 2009

Meow at the G20 Meeting

Great Leader returned to London to attend the G20 meeting of the world's super economic powers. On his second trip to London in as many months, Chairman Meow had less time for sight-seeing, and instead focused mainly on teaching world leaders in the ways of Feline Revolution.

Although the media made a big controversy when Michelle Obama put her arm around the Queen, Chairman Meow caused barely a stir when he pet Queen Elizabeth for the second time. Great Leader found a spot just behind the Queen's ears that left her purring like a Maine Coon Cat.

Great Leader's proposed stimulus package included the distribution of $750 billion dollars worth of cat toys, treats, and smelly tuna. Chairman Meow scoffed at the invitation to join NATO, stating that the Feline Revolution could not be contained nor defined by such trivial human concerns.

Sun of Suns Meow ended his second trip to London by taking a stroll along the Thames River beneath the Tower Bridge. He found a few small rodents upon which to pounce, and several minnows in the shallows, which he bit the heads off of, to the delight of the adoring paparazzi. coupon

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