Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chairman Meow in Munich Germany

chairman meow germanyMunich - Marienplatz

(Sent by honorable kitteh servant Hendrik V. from Germany)
Great Leader Chairman Meow has taken another important step to world domination - this time appearing in the historical meaningful city of Munich, Germany accompanied by his old comrade the Lolrus. The Great Leader carried on his tireless campaign of political revolution, appearing only at most glorious places of the city:

After visiting Munich's Victory Gate with its 4 great felines of prey on top of it, the great leader moved on to the world famous Field Marshall's Hall - to pay homage to the great lions guarding this honorable place once built for great kings and leaders.

To infiltrate the city's political infrastructure even further, Chairman Meow was also seen at Munich's town hall. After spreading his revolutionary mindset on the famous Mary's Square, he was received with cheers and thundering applause from the masses.

Also our great leader wouldn't miss the chance to visit the politically and historically important King's Square with its ancient greek buildings - to inspect a triumphant parade of his revolutionary troops in Germany. His visit will be cherished for generations to come.

Long live Chairman Meow!

chairman meow stickerMunich - Feldherrnhalle (above)

chairman meow munichchairman meow stickersMunich - Konigsplatz (above)

chairman meow victory gateMunich Siegestor (Victory Gate) - About

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