Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chairman Meow in Argentina

Chairman Meow observes a glacier in Patagonia (the Southern tip of Argentina),  noting that it's progress is slower than American Healthcare reform. Unfortunately, in a relative way these glaciers are moving quickly; having retreated over 1 km since the early 1990s, making them among the fastest retreating glaciers in the world.

Benevolent Leader Meow notes, however, that Global Warming / Climate change is expected to greatly increase the world's feline population. Not only does warmer weather make outdoor living more suitable to cats, but the warmer weather sends female cats into heat earlier and more often. "The brain receives instructions to produce a hormone that basically initiates the heat cycle in a cat," said Ms Peterson, "and those instructions are affected by the length of day and usually the rising temperatures of spring." (source: global warming could lead to more kittens: christian science monitor)

If you still don't believe in climate change, at least consider the concept the next time you see a swarm of feral cats being blown through the air by a late-season super hurricane.

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InnerNinja said...

Wow! And here I always thought the swarms of feral cats blowing in the hurricane winds were a sign from some higher power that everything in nature was put there to serve me and be exploited! I thought the hailstorms of cats often seen in early March were for my pious delight!

Long live Chairman Meow, fountain of truth and witness to the grandeur of Patagonian glaciers.